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[eclipse-pmc] Open source development [PLEASE READ]

Eclipse Project committers,
Although there are older open source software efforts out there, there can be little argument that the Eclipse Project (created in 2001) is a mature FOSS project. Unfortunately, there has recently been some evidence that we do not always act in ways that demonstrate that maturity. Rather than focus on specifics, here are some reminders of things that we should already know.
For our project to continue to be viable, we must relentlessly nurture our community, including actively facilitating healthy, respectful debate over direction. To be absolutely clear: This is our most important task. Delivering software is great, but failing to keep and grow our community is a guaranteed death sentence for the project. 
  1. Work with those who are trying to make contributions. Educate them where needed, but be respectful and open to change. Make people want to contribute by taking the time to do reviews, and helping them get their code accepted.
  2. Invest in modernizing our code, not because that has the potential to improve code quality (though it does), but because it allows new people to use what they are learning today to make contributions, so they can become committers who will help take the project forward.
If after the above, it looks like our overall velocity is lower, remind yourself that growing the team is ultimately what will allow us to move quickly, even if it takes time to get there.
Finally, Alex pointed out this video from the LibreOffice team, which really is a must watch for anyone participating in FOSS communities: 
Watch it; think about it; use it to spark conversations about the things we could be doing better. To paraphrase Michael Meeks, Eclipse’s best days are in the future! So, let’s act to make that happen.

Your Eclipse Project PMC

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