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Re: [eclipse-pmc] New Top Level Project Charter

Hi Wayne
Sorry to bug you once again, but I already asked you in our private e-mail thread to point us to the place(s) in the trademark guidelines that do not allow us to use IDE or SDK. So, please do so, or we might just pick those again.
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Subject: [eclipse-pmc] New Top Level Project Charter
Date: Fri, Sep 28, 2018 10:18 PM
Greetings PMC.
Please find attached a PDF that contains a draft for an updated Top Level Project Charter. In this draft, I have attempted to generalize the mandate of the Top Level Project beyond the tools focus of the original document (you'll also notice that I've cut out the content that is covered by the standard charter). 
These edits currently live in a Google Doc. I will grant edit access to any PMC member that requests it (for completeness, the Google Doc is for editing purposes: I expect that we'll move the final version of this document onto the website).
Perhaps one of the first things that you'll likely notice is the name: "Eclipse Placeholder". As we've discussed, we need to come up with a new name. I've propagated that placeholder name through the document to show how and where I think that the new name has to be used.
I leave it to the PMC's discretion to decide who and how best to engage to make this selection.
Note that the Eclipse Foundation would very much like to be able to register the name as a trademark (note that "like to" is not intended to suggest any particular timeline for doing so). By way of expectation management, there is some risk that your first selection may not be something that we can register and so we may end up needing a second (or third) choice.
By way of clarification, the name that you need to select is for the Top Level Project (this name may also apply to the project's deliverables). It is the Eclipse Planning Council's responsibility to name the associated simultaneous release and related products. I will engage with them shortly to start this process.


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