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[eclipse-pmc] Concerns Regarding Sub-Project Merege

Dear  Eclipse PMC Colleagues

After thinking about this more and talking to my team I still have strong concerns to do that move. Here are some of them:

- All current (sub-) projects will be archived i.e. we and the community won't be able to find and learn about e.g. JDT in the PMI.
- There will only be one project with all committers. We would have to copy/replicate all the details that we currently have in the sub-projects into that super project to keep users informed.
- Which people will lead that super project? One person can't do that. Will existing leads become co-leads? That would mean many leads and the project charter does not define the role of a main/super (co-) lead.
- Do we introduce the concept of components, i.e. do we replicate what we currently get by the PMI but not based on an official project charter? If so, we would have to define that and create web pages that show the components and (co-) leads. Basically replicate what we currently have, except for the commit rights.
- My team was very unhappy when I informed them about this potential change. Putting code that's related to Platform UI together is one thing, but opening up SWT, JDT and PDE to everyone caused very scary feelings (also for me to be honest).

I would like to ask the PMC to reconsider this decision for now and instead resend the message that the PMC encourages a fast track for existing committers to become a committer on another project (


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