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Re: [eclipse-pmc] Oxygen (4.7) Release Review Material

+1 from me as well for the Release Review Material, nicely done!


It’s wonderful reading through this aggregate list of a year’s accomplishments … so many little annoyances resolved, I think it’s going to be the best Eclipse ever Even though I’ve followed many of the milestone N&Ns, having them nicely collected and aggregated is a powerful demonstration of what’s been achieved together. Kudos and thanks to all contributors!!


I also do have a couple comments regarding the N&Ns … obviously a bit late, but I thought I’d share them still. It’s just minor / cosmetic things and I’m totally fine with keeping the N&N as-is … so here we go:


·         Generic Editor - For me, the Generic Editor is one of the primary reasons for switching to Oxygen (together with tm4e and Textmate a Shellscript Grammar, as well as the lightweight XML highlighting that I enjoy a lot, and the new “Open With > Associate > All). I think it would be good if there was a reference to the tm4e project in the respective N&N item, in order to explain to end users what’s the immediate end user benefit of the Generic Editor.

·         Similar comment for the JDT’s new Java Index – I’m missing a reference to the associated Bug, where I could read the potential benefits of the new index (is it faster? More capable? Better componentized?) – The way that the N&N entry is written, it’s useless for end users (why would I ever change the default setting) and also useless for insiders who’d know anyways.

·         Launch Group isn’t new to me at all … I suppose this has been pushed down from the CDT into Platform? Would be nice giving Credits to CDT in the N&N, plus for those who knew it from CDT it doesn’t read so well if announced as “new”.

·         Copy Preferences during Workspace switch – is this option safe? Seems risky that absolute paths in a preference keep referencing the old Workspace when it should be migrated to the new one? What is the strategy behind this preference migration? What is the associated bug report for reading up on details and finding the code change in git? – In my company, we had done a similar preference migration years ago and it worked fine for most customers but also did cause some unexpected side effects so I’d be keen learning more about the details here.

·         New option to disable HCR” – the HCR acronym is quite unusual in my mind, it shouldn’t be exposed in the left-hand column of the N&N. There’s space enough for spelling it out “Hot Code Replace”, no?

Unrelated to the N&N, but as I am ranting already the “Escape text when pasting into a string literal” has only been an annoyance to me so far. Copying a String and pasting it to a different “static final String foo =” it quotes the quotes when it shouldn’t … I haven’t reported a bug for this, anyways thanks for letting me know how to turn this off.



Bottom line, THANKS again for all the hard work !





Martin Oberhuber, SMTS / Product Owner – Development Tools, Wind River


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Not sure if we're waiting on a formal vote here, but in any case, +1, given the updates.


nactive hide details for "Daniel Megert" ---2017/05/25 10:54:19---Dear PM"Daniel Megert" ---2017/05/25 10:54:19---Dear PMC Members, please review the Oxygen (4.7) release review material and respond with

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Dear PMC Members,

please review the
Oxygen (4.7) release review materialand respond with feedback to this list. As agreed before, this comes in a minimal version. Please respond whether you approve or decline the review by May 31,

As already with the previous release, the IP Log is no longer attached and part of the release review. You can review it here:

The review itself is tracked by
bug 517250: [release] Eclipse Oxygen (4.7)

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