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Re: [eclipse-pmc] Approval for Bug 516114 to add support for styling of the tabbed properties view

Did you verify the change on all platforms and all themes?

To me the change looks too big for RC1 and I'd vote to move it to 4.7.1.


From:        "Becker, Matthias" <ma.becker@xxxxxxx>
To:        "eclipse-pmc@xxxxxxxxxxx" <eclipse-pmc@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date:        10.05.2017 08:58
Subject:        [eclipse-pmc] Approval for Bug 516114 to add support for styling of the tabbed properties view
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Dear PMC,
I would like to ask for PMC permissions for “Bug 516114- [CSS] [Dark] Add support for styling of TabbedProperties in Properties View (and apply to dark layout)”.
This fix is need to provide the CSS styling implementation for the tabbed properties view and to provide the css for the dark theme. The tabbed properties view is used in the “Resource” perspective and also in SAPs “ABAP Development Tools” ( As the “ABAP Development Tools” use the tabbed properties view extensively (I think other products do as well) our Team currently cannot provide support for the dark theme.I really would like to have this in Oxygen so that Eclipse can deliver a relative decent dark theme with Oxygen. In addition, it’s my plan to provide the first support of the dark theme in the “ABAP Development Tools” in our Oxygen-based version.
The implementation took the implementation of “Bug 465148- [CSS] [Dark] Add support for styling Forms (and apply to dark layout)” as a blueprint. The change also contains Unit tests. The changes are limited to the bundle. Hence the risk should be low. If we do not deliver it we have an inconsistency in our UI.
This is my first code contribution to the eclipse platform ui project. Up to now I only have contributed a HiDPI Icons to various eclipse projects. This change still needs the final code review by the Platform UI team. Lars Vogel is willing to do a detailed code review after PMC approval.
Best regards,
Matthias Becker
(SAP SE)_______________________________________________
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