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[eclipse-pmc] PMC approval needed for committer vote for Fabian Pfaff

eclipse PMC Members,
This automatically generated message marks the completion of voting for
Fabian Pfaff's Committer status on the eclipse.e4 project. As a PMC member,
you can approve or disapprove this vote through your My Foundation portal

Fabian Pfaff was nominated by Lars Vogel as follows:
Fabian is interested in helping with the migration of the to e4.

The Eclipse PMC ageed to move it to e4.

Fabian already contributed 19 patches to Platform UI and 18 patches to PDE.
He also contributed to EGit.

Keep in mind that the e4 incubator was always intended to have very low
entry barrier.

Vote summary: 5/0/0 with 31 not voting 
   ?  John Arthorne
   ?  Eduard Bartsch
   ?  Oleg Besedin
   ?  Benjamin Cabe
   ?  Sopot Cela
   ?  Arthur Daussy
   ?  Marco Descher
   ?  Martina Galabova
   ?  Bogdan Gheorghe
  +1  Jonas Helming
   ?  Mickael Istria
  +1  Wim Jongman
   ?  Markus Kuppe
   ?  Susan McCourt
   ?  Dani Megert
   ?  Eric Moffatt
   ?  Dave Orme
   ?  Christian Pontesegger
  +1  Olivier Prouvost
   ?  Michael Rennie
   ?  Dean Roberts
   ?  Anton Salnik
   ?  Thomas Schindl
   ?  Simon Scholz
   ?  Steven Spungin
   ?  Yuri Strot
   ?  Remy Suen
   ?  Kai Toedter
  +1  Lars Vogel
   ?  Paul Webster
   ?  Nigel Westbury
  +1  Mike Wilson
   ?  Yves YANG
   ?  Fabio Zadrozny
   ?  Igor Zapletnev
   ?  Brian de Alwis

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