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[eclipse-pmc] Request to relax the type bound for the navigatorContent/commonSorter extension

Dear PMC,

I would like to get approval to integrate the change for bug 484248.

The change allows clients to contribute sorters to common navigator which extend recommended ViewerComparator instead of deprecated ViewerSorter type (deprecated via bug 402464).

The change only relaxes the type bound allowed in the org.eclipse.ui.navigator "navigatorContent" extension and does not change the Java API. Existing code should not be affected by this change, because it can't use ViewerComparator anyway.

The main driving reason for this change is to avoid confusion of clients trying to cleanup their code and move from deprecated type but then facing runtime errors because the ViewerComparator is not supported (yet) by the common navigator framework. See for example bug 513876 and bug 484248 comment 1.

Kind regards,
Andrey Loskutov

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