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Re: [eclipse-pmc] Platform Runtime modification requests


I already replied that we will discuss this in the next PMC call since it is a major version increase. I also already gave a potential -1 for Oxygen.

I doubt we have quorum in today's call due to absences.


From:        Lars Vogel <lars.vogel@xxxxxxxxxxx>
To:        eclipse-pmc@xxxxxxxxxxx
Date:        21.03.2017 14:22
Subject:        Re: [eclipse-pmc] Platform Runtime modification requests
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Hi Dirk,

IIRC our PMC rule is that if you do not get a negativ reply within 7
days, the request gets automatically approved. I suggest to wait 1-2
days to give the other PMC members to react to this request and
afterwards continue with the change.

Best regards, Lars

On Tue, Mar 14, 2017 at 9:13 PM, Dirk Fauth <dirk.fauth@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Dear PMC,
> I would like to perform some actions for which I think I need your approval.
> 1. Memory leak in ExtendedObjectSupplier
> We got a bug report about a memory leak within several
> ExtendedObjectSupplier (although just reported for the
> TranslationObjectSupplier).
> The main reason is that for supporting re-injection the IRequestor are
> cached in the supplier implementations. But the framework does not provide
> methods for cleaning up if those IRequestor are discarded.
> One part of the solution would be to inform the ExtendedObjectSupplier if an
> EclipseContext is disposed. Since there is no API for that I would suggest
> to make use of the EventAdmin to send an asynchronous event that can be used
> to inform OSGi services like ExtendedObjectSupplier that they should cleanup
> their caches.
> I proposed a patch via Gerrit. But it introduces the sending of an event on
> dispose and the existing ExtendedObjectSupplier will need to additionally
> implement the EventHandler interface. It is not marked as an API breakage
> (and I even don't think it is one), but I wanted to get feedback on this
> before merging it.
> Also note that this is probably not the complete solution, as there might be
> still IRequestor that are created and discarded for one EclipseContext that
> is not disposed. But the only idea we had to solve this was to introduce
> cleanup threads that periodically try to cleanup IRequestor. But I don't
> want to introduce that now because of possible performance leaks.
> 2. Publish org.eclipse.e4.core.di.extensions annotations
> I would like to publish the annotations in
> org.eclipse.e4.core.di.extensions. Most of them are pretty mature and used
> the way they are for several years. I would like to remove the x-friends
> directive to make it public API. As this would also change the major version
> of the bundle to 1.0.0 your approval is needed.
> 3. Deprecate MessageXxx functional interfaces
> I introduced some MessageXxx functional interfaces once the bundle
> required Java 7. Now that we require Java 8 these
> interfaces could be replaced with the Java 8 interfaces. Such a change
> should not even be noticable by users. As I learned we first need to mark
> the interfaces as deprecated so they can be removed in the future.
> Please give me some feedback so I know if and how I can proceed.
> Greez,
> Dirk
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