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Re: [eclipse-pmc] Publishing to Maven Central - please comment

Stephan, thanks for this work.

The next  PMC call is on 13. Dec. and I suggest we discuss it there.

Best regards, Lars

On Thu, Dec 8, 2016 at 3:33 PM, Stephan Herrmann
<stephan.herrmann@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Dear PMC,
> in I'm preparing for publishing
> all relevant artifacts of the Eclipse Project to Maven Central.
> I have reached a state where a few things should be decided / approved.
> =======
> What groupId should we use for the maven artifacts produced from
> our bundles - 3-part or 2-part?
> - Existing poms in git use 3-part groupIds like "org.eclipse.jdt"
> - An organizational downside of 3-part groupIds is that we'd have
>   to create and use 26 different accounts on OSSRH.
> - We could instead use groupId "org.eclipse" for all artifacts
>   produced by the Eclipse Project.
> - In Maven-land, about every possible strategy for groupIds is
>   used for at least one artifact, so whatever we decide should
>   be fine from a Maven p.o.v.
> - Changing from 3-part (in git) to 2-part would break clients
>   that might already be consuming some of these artifacts with
>   3-part groupId (whichever way they obtained those artifacts).
> - Breaking the "tradition" of 3-part groupId could also be announced
>   as start of a new "era": anything with 2-part groupId is really
>   officially published by
> I can live with either option. Releng / infra would have to work
> harder with 26 distinct groups. Since I see no hard reason against,
> I'm leaning towards 2-part group "org.eclipse".
> May I kindly ask for a decision on this question?
> ==========
> Versioning: I'm confident that in Maven-land all our release artifacts
> should be identified by 3-part versions (i.e., 3.12.2, rather than
> 3.12.2.v20161117-1814).
> This is done because in Maven 4-part versions cannot be parsed.
> We could translate into 3-part-dash-qualifier (3.12.2-v20161117-1814
> - mind the dash), but this would signal to Maven that ours' are SNAPSHOT
> builds, not release, which would be wrong.
> Ultimately, 3.12.2 will be regarded as newer than any longer form,
> so by publishing artifacts with 3-part versions we override any other
> artifacts that may have been published by volunteers outside
> POM content: in I started to collect
> what pieces of information should be put into the poms used for publication.
> TLDR: poms will likely be crafted starting from the output of the CBI
> aggregator, ignoring much stuff from poms in git (which is irrelevant for
> Maven-based consumers).
> It has been asked whether publishing to Maven Central will be done
> retroactively for older releases. For the time being I propose to
> do this for Neon.2 and all future releases. (Neon.2 also gives us
> the chance to improve with Neon.3, should anything be amiss).
> We can defer decision re older releases until we have experience
> the the current.
> Please approve or comment in the bug.
> =========
> All required 3rd party dependencies have been identified and remapped
> to GAV as available already from Maven Central.
> If s.o. wants to double check the list is in
> Did I miss any relevant concern?
> thanks,
> Stephan
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