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[eclipse-pmc] [CQ 11173] The Omega Project version 2.1 for modeling.efm discussion


Please find below our justification on the use of Omega solver, required by the IP team. Cheers.

// In a nutshell, Omega is used only by one Formal Analysis Module (FAM) in
efm-symbex which is optional: the symbolic execution kernel is completely
independent, FAM modules are as plug-ins for the efm-symbex. In fact no other
FAM modules is concerned. Users can activate (a) FAM module(s) upon need. Note
that FAM modules can make use of existing tools such as constraint solvers
Omega, CVC4, Z3, Yices… We have tried to our best to choose the solvers that
are EPL compliant (e.g. we suppressed Yices and kept Z3 whose license changed
recently). Now if using Omega in this module causes a license issues, we can
remove the dependency to Omega and keep the module functioning with other

Inline responses:

1.      how this code is used by the project:
The FAM module “behavior redundancy detection” may use solvers functions to
compare two behaviors equivalence. Using Omega in this module is optional (as
using any other solver). We can remove the dependency to Omega (the include
omega.h in C++…).

2.      what parts of the project depend on this: 
The formal analysis module “behavior redundancy detection”

3.      what all doesn't function without it:
The formal analysis module “behavior redundancy detection” is concerned, the
other FAM modules and the symbolic execution kernel are not. 


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