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[eclipse-pmc] Permission to fix bug 492681 for RC1: "Wizard filter should search descriptions"

I’d like to request permission to include the fix for Bug 492681 for RC1:

	[Wizards] Wizard filter should search descriptions

Our New, Import, and Export wizards support filtering the list of wizards shown based on some user-provided words. These keywords match against the wizard label and associated keywords, but not the wizard description.  I suspect this was an oversight as there are a several wizards where commonly-used terms are included in the wizard description.  For example, the WTP ‘Enterprise Application Project’ wizard creates what is commonly referred to as an EAR project, but EAR is only in the wizard description.

The fix is tiny and the risk is small to negligible.  The fix simply applies the wordMatches() routine to the wizard description field. This wordMatches() is already used for filtering the wizard label and keywords, and guards against a null input.  The implementation to fetch the wizard description retrieves the field from the IExtensionRegistry, in a similar manner to how the wizard label and keywords are retrieved.  The wizard description is shown in the title area of the wizard, so users won’t be mystified as to why a wizard was included.



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