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[eclipse-pmc] Re-spun build and aggregation is a "go"

Having heard no objections, and getting several "yes, please"'s AND doing a fair amount of diff'ing and other sanity checks, I have decided the "rebuild" is good to go, and Markus and I have begun the process of putting things in place to mirror. While we won't achieve the "70 to 90 mirrors" we prefer to have, I'm sure by 10 AM Friday we'll have at least 6 or 12 ... which, in the past, the webmasters have told us is sufficient to avoid bringing "" to its knees. [Correct me if I'm wrong, or things have changed, Dennis].

Thanks to Markus for making sure the re-built EPP packages were as expected, and
much thanks to Markus Keller for doing a lot of quick Mac testing to make sure all looked well with the platform build.

Much of the "technical details" of the re-build and re-aggregation are documented in Bug 445064 and bug 445026.

And, it turns out, the "scare" of new requirements for signing on the Mac is just that, a "scare" -- for me, and half the Mac Developers community, apparently -- see Bug 445015 -- and if there are isolated issues, there are work-arounds for the user (see Apple's documentation) -- so there is no need to wait to "fix" our signing process, though we should (still) make sure the "signing machine" is "up to date" so we won't have problems in the future (Bug 445050 )

So, current plan is to (still) release at 10 AM Friday (Eastern time) ... unless we learn of reasons to wait for more mirrors, or something similar.

Thanks, and my apologies for the churn.

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