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Re: [eclipse-pmc] Restructuring review for the "e4 tools" Git project migrating to its own project

We had to cancel our PMC call today because several of us were out or unavailable, so we'll need to talk about this next week. I have to say I always thought of PDE as the eventual home for all those tools. Note that being under the same project does not necessarily mean they have to be included in the same feature as the basic plugin tooling. It could be built as one or more separately installable features that live under the same project. They could even live in a separate Git repository from the other PDE code. The only tangible difference with a new project is that it has a distinct committer group. But in the long term I'm not sure there will be a large enough committer base for that to be needed. Would it be worth setting up a call to talk about the different options here?


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Date:        08/27/2014 06:36 AM
Subject:        [eclipse-pmc] Restructuring review for the "e4 tools" Git project migrating to its own project
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e4 tools provide the tools to create and work with Eclipse 4 based applications, IDE's as well as RCP applications. 

Parts of the tools are planned to get integrated into PDE, i.e. the e4 project wizard. But others, like the application model editor and the "spies" are currently not planned to be integrated to PDE as they (in parts) depend on extensions of the EMF framework, like the EMF undo / redo support.

The e4 tools would like to get included into the "official" Mars release. Our users complain that they have to seek a different update site to get the tools integrated. 

As we are currently part of the e4 incubator project Wayne advised that we need to do a restructuring review migrating our e4 tools code to a new project. advises that we seek PMC approval for that early in the process.

Can the PMC advice if it OK with such a restructuring review? As new project name I think "e4 tools" would be good.

Best regards, Lars

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