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Re: [eclipse-pmc] Luna (4.4) Release Review Material

+1, looks good to me !


Minor glitch probably, on the Luna Plan [1] there is GTK3 support with Ubuntu 12.04 but GTK2 with Ubuntu 14.04 … I thought it were the other way round ?

Some statistics on #contributions / #contributors / #bugs fixed might be interesting in the release review docs, but not strictly necessary.


On the Platform N&N [2] which is accessible via link from the JDT N&N,

-          the verbiage on “Tweaking the UX” doesn’t sound quite appropriate for a release.

-          Some more polish would be great on other items too, eg what is “mixed mode debug support” , is this for Java/C JNI debugging ?

-          “Contribute E4 Views” would seem more appropriate in the Plug-in developer’s N&N.

-          “Split Editor” would be good to have a sentence on why this is useful.

-          Why are there two items “Dark Theme” and “Improvements to Dark Theme”


On the Plug-in Dev N&N [3],

-          Ubuntu menu integration should better go into the Platform N&N IMHO since it is very user relevant

-          Java7 filesystem fragment should mention Solaris x86 as Platform without natives today (I’m not sure where we are with Linux-ARM support in SWT, or if S390 has a Java7 VM)

-          GTK3 section does not quite seem consistent with what Alex mentioned ; should be merged with the “No GTK3 on > 3.8” section further down

-          XULRunner 24 support should probably be on the Platform N&N (not sure if users care about having access to the latest Firefox Extended Support browser)









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Dear PMC members,

please review the Luna (4.4) release review material which comes in a new format and look this year, and respond with feedback to this list. Please also respond whether you approve or decline the review (needed by the EMO) by the end of this week,


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