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Re: [eclipse-pmc] Eclipse Hackathon at Bloomberg



Thank you for suggesting Daniel. I will follow-up with Bloomberg. I think having Daniel and Tom participate would be a great idea for Bloomberg.





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Hi Ian,

We talked about this on our PMC call today. From IBM we would like to suggest Daniel Rolka. He has been a full time committer on Platform UI for two years and has good experience with the code. He  does work on accepting patches from the community but hasn't had any opportunity to go to community events in person. We think he would be a valuable contributor for the event, and it would be a good experience for him. Tom Schindl also volunteered and he would obviously be a good person to attend. So, we leave it to you to take that back to Bloomberg and decide if they would like to sponsor travel for one or both of them.

As for a bug/feature list, Platform committers use the "bugday" keyword to identify bugs that are good candidates for a first time contributor. There are currently about 50 of these bugs identified and I'm sure the committers can come up with more <g>. Here is the query:


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Bloomberg would like to host an Eclipse hackathon at their offices in London on May 31. They would like to get the support of the Eclipse platform team to identify bugs/features that would be useful to have fixed. They also have a travel budget to sponsor a committer to attend the event in their London office.
Is there anyone from the PMC that might be able to support this effort. I think having a company like Bloomberg will to run this type of Hackathon is a big boost for the community.
Ian Skerrett
VP Marketing
Eclipse Foundation
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