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[eclipse-pmc] Status of sign-offs for M6 - complete except for p2

As I recently promised (to notify PMC Thursday evening if not all teams have signed off on M6 or stated when they expect to complete it) ...
all teams have signed off, except for p2.

Naturally, they may soon, or Friday morning ... but, since they have not mentioned "expected time" to complete, the project leads may not be available and forgot to delegate the task.
In that case, Friday afternoon, I plan to promote the milestone without their sign-off ... unless, the PMC has another suggestion, or knows of someone else who can verify and sign-off on this milestone for that component.  


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-Workspace       Szymon  
-UI              Paul
-Text            Dani
-Debug           Sarika
-Ant             Sarika    
-SWT             Arun
-Releng          David  

-Core            Jayaprakash
-Debug           Sarika        
-UI              Dani    

PDE              Curtis

Equinox          Tom

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