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[eclipse-pmc] Contacting the p2 team


I could use some help getting in contact with a p2 committer.

Due to the rewrite of the Equinox framework, I was forced to
re-implement also the integration of the Object Teams runtime
with Equinox, which builds on the discontinued Adaptor Hooks.

As one step in this re-implementation I needed a new mechanism
for ensuring that our bundle is activated as early as possible.
Setting a low startLevel seemed suitable and the setStartLevel
touchpoint action from p2 looked promising to get this done.

Unfortunately, that touchpoint action doesn't work and maybe
it never worked. I found
*Bug 253244* <> -p2.inf startLevel directive not working
and made a comment that this is blocking Object Teams.

After some pings in the bug, a message to the p2-dev mailing
list and a personal email to a p2 committer, I still haven't
received any reaction.

After significant efforts to re-implement our bundle in time
for Luna M1, not receiving any reaction on a blocking bug
is disappointing as you probably agree. Interestingly, a patch
already exists in the mentioned bug.

Please let me know, if my expectation is wrong in any way.
For Luna M1 I have to disable the Object Teams contribution,
but I would appreciate any help to get this resolved well in
time for M2.


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