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Re: [eclipse-pmc] FW: JDK 8 schedule proposal posted

With the new team members getting up to speed and lots of help from the community (thanks Stephan, Jesper and Andy!), we were back on track to have the features in the compiler for the original GA in September. But, we also knew that there are still ongoing spec discussions and expected a delay to get those remaining issues sorted out.

My plan is to provide a feature patch against Kepler SR2 once Java™ 8 goes GA and then ship the Eclipse Java™ 8 support along with Luna in June 2014.


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Date: 18.04.2013 19:05
Subject: [eclipse-pmc] FW: JDK 8 schedule proposal posted

FYI, It is now pretty much official that the Java 8 release will be slipping
to Q1 2014.

So it looks like the team has some extra time to implement the new JDT
features for Java 8. Hopefully these can be fully baked into the Luna
release plan.

Mike Milinkovich

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- Mark

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