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[eclipse-pmc] Fw: Speaking of SR2 final builds ...

However, we might want to do an RC3 rebuild this week to pick up some late fixes like, for which a rebuild was already requested. And I know of at least two other candidates.

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Subject: Re: [eclipse-pmc] Speaking of SR2 final builds ...

Fine with me, given we still have pending RC4 candidates.


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Date: 30.01.2013 03:14
Subject: [eclipse-pmc] Speaking of SR2 final builds ...


I have just remembered, that some time ago, as discussed in this post:

that I left the "Wednesday M-builds" scheduled for each Wednesday 10 and 12.

Under the circumstances, (i.e. that we are still busy with M5, that contributions to RC4 need PMC approval, and that some potential bugs/contributions are still being reviewed, I believe) I'm thinking it would be best not to do any M-builds on Wednesday, 1/30.

We could still do a warm-up M-build, say, next Monday, 2/4, before the final RC4 build scheduled for Wednesday, 2/6. But, I think it'd be less stressful, less error prone and less confusing not to do any M-builds tomorrow (Wednesday 1/30). Or if others thought it urgent we have a new RC3 candidate we could count the Wednesday, 1/30, builds as a new RC3? (but, doubt all the unit tests for RC3 and M5 would finish by Thursday 5 PM).  

I'm confident a PMC member will speak up before 10 Wednesday, tomorrow, if they do still desire the Wednesday M builds, but if I don't hear anything, I will plan on the alternative of having an RC4 "warm-up" on Monday and leave the final RC4 build scheduled for Wednesday 2/6.

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