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Re: [eclipse-pmc] Target milestones

Hi all,


Thanks for all the clarifications and quick cleanup !


For me as a consumer in this case, I care what goes into Maintenance builds vs Kepler, that’s why the milestones are relevant. It’s good to know that the Platform is still committed (as a whole) to setting target milestones (with exact process differing per team, which is fine).


Regarding the “valid targets”, note that these items went into FIXED state after Sept 2012, so a “Juno M4” or “4.2” milestone is suspicious to me. I guess in most cases the bug got reopened; then if the reason for closing again was that reopen was in error, the milestone is correct. However, if a fix had to be amended, filing a new bug with the correct milestone is appropriate.


I didn’t look into the bugs, just provided the query for now to understand what the policy is.

Thanks again for the quick followup !





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Looking through this list, there are various reasons:

 - Someone forgot to set milestone
 - Originator (non-comitter) marked the bug FIXED because it now works, and didn't realize about target milestones
 - Fix applies to something not in build, like web site, downloads, etc.
 - There is one Platform team that doesn't use target milestones but instead uses build notes to list what is fixed - I'll leave you to guess from the list which team that is :)
 - Some of the bugs in your list do have valid targets, like Juno M4, 4.2, etc. Your regex isn't matching everything.

In short, I try to ensure there is always a target milestone for anything that went into our builds. To me, the "--" target implies the fix is not in a build. I do occasionally query for recently fixed bugs and add target milestones for the cases that are missed. If you (or anyone) is ever unsure about when something was fixed, it is always fair to ask in the bug.


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When creating a bugzilla query to show what bugs had been fixed by now for Juno SR2,
I came across a number of fixes with odd or unassigned target milestones:
This query lists bugs that entered the “FIXED” state since mid September 2012, which are
not assigned a Juno SR2 or Kepler Milestone. One could argue that a “---“ milestone always
applies to the current stream (ie Kepler), is this how we want to treat things these days ?
Have a quick look if you care:
Martin Oberhuber, SMTS / Product Architect – Development Tools, Wind River
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