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Re: [eclipse-pmc] PMC must read! Release reviews

Great work. Thanks John!

Some corrections:

- API: mention that 4.2 API is not available/complete yet

- Deferred plan itmes: Start work on Java SE 8 features
        By its own this is not true, we work on this since last year but we just don't have anything that's consumable. On the plan it's more obvious why it is deferred.
        I'd either remove this or reword it to "deferred: Previews with initial Java SE 8 features

- New and Noteworthy JDT: typos: CameCase -> Camel-case, java -> Java

- Removed bundles: depending on the outcome of bug 381699 we also have to add 'org.eclipse.equinox.concurrent'
        NOTE: if this is added, we must also update the 'Architectural Issues' page

- Platform quality API:
        The PMC is comfortable supporting the API that is in the Eclipse project 4.2
        All new 4.x stream API is still x-internal provisional API
According to there is officially no "provisional" API when the product ships. So, can we say that the API for 4.2 is not yet available and will be done during 4.3?

- Architectural Issues: 3 added bundles ***for*** new BIDI API, JDT annotations, and dynamic tracing

- Bugzilla: Over 370 back-ported to 3.7.x and 4.7.x maintenance ==> 4.1.x maintenance (McQ already mentioned this)

- Bugs fixed during 4.2: footer (copyright) is missing

- Standards:
        Compiler can generate 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, and 1.7 code
                This is not true. The compiler can *compile* those sources but can generate back to 1.1 and CLDC 1.1
        Clients can run Java SE 6 or 7
                I guess you meant: Eclipse (or the Eclipse IDE) runs on Java SE 6 or 7

        We should also mention the Eclipse (Juno) DemoCamps
        Remove "Apache Harmony" (it has been retired and no interaction happened there for this release)

Future Plans: we could mention Windows 8

Orion Review:
- some of the links are not in blue link color


From: John Arthorne <John_Arthorne@xxxxxxxxxx>
To: eclipse-pmc@xxxxxxxxxxx,
Date: 05.06.2012 17:15
Subject: [eclipse-pmc] PMC must read! Release reviews

A two for one deal on release reviews today! Please send your comments and/or your vote to approve going ahead with release reviews for Juno. The deadline for submitting release review materials to the Foundation is tomorrow, June 6.

1. I have prepared the release review for Platform/JDT/PDE combined release:

2. Ken Walker has prepared the Orion release review:

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