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Re: [eclipse-pmc] PMC must read! Release reviews

For the Eclipse desktop review:

On the "Bugzilla" slide it says "Over 370 back-ported to 3.7.x and 4.7.x maintenance" -- I'm guessing it's 4.1.x maintenance?

Also, comparing the "Bugs fixed during 3.8" versus "Bugs fixed during 4.2" slides, I'm surprised that the total number is lower for 4.2. 

Otherwise, it looks good.

For the Orion review:

The "Tool Usability" and "End of Life Issues" slides display oddly on my machine -- It looks like all the content ended up on the end of life slide.

Otherwise, good.

Assuming those minor changes are addressed, I give +1 for both.


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Subject: [eclipse-pmc] PMC must read! Release reviews

A two for one deal on release reviews today! Please send your comments and/or your vote to approve going ahead with release reviews for Juno. The deadline for submitting release review materials to the Foundation is tomorrow, June 6.

1. I have prepared the release review for Platform/JDT/PDE combined release:

2. Ken Walker has prepared the Orion release review:

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