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Re: [eclipse-pmc] Adding a PDE Build committer



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Date: 2012/05/21 04:11
Subject: Re: [eclipse-pmc] Adding a PDE Build committer
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Thursday, May 17, 2012 8:06 PM
[eclipse-pmc] Adding a PDE Build committer

As we discussed in the PMC meetings in February this year [1], PDE Build is currently in a position with no active committers. At the time, we agreed to add me as a committer for the short term, with the idea we would look at consolidating projects after Juno ships. I realized today that I forgot to actually do this, and now I have some changes to release to get PDE Builds tests running on Eclipse hudson servers. Therefore I would like to enter a request to the foundation to add me as a committer, under our authority to add committers in exceptional circumstances as described in the Eclipse dev process [2]. I just wanted to confirm with the PMC that we still agree on this, so please respond if you have concerns. The alternative is to find three inactive PDE Build committers willing to vote me in, but I don't feel comfortable asking them to vote for me without any existing track record of contributions.

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