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Re: [eclipse-pmc] The time has come

Thanks for the many years of commitment to Eclipse, Steve. I'm well aware that you care deeply about us, and I'm glad to hear you're going to continue to do stuff for SWT. ;-)


Inactive hide details for Steve Northover ---2011/07/21 09:08:00---Hello Everyone,Steve Northover ---2011/07/21 09:08:00---Hello Everyone,


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2011/07/21 09:08


[eclipse-pmc] The time has come

Hello Everyone,

When I left IBM a few years back, I had hoped to remain involved with the Eclipse Project PMC. I didn't resign, instead planning for the day when I would return and start working again. Well, time has passed and it seems that the day has not come. So, sadly I'm going to resign from the PMC, but I remain a huge Eclipse supporter and advocate.

I won't give up my SWT commit rights though. They will need to be pried from my cold dead hands,

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