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[eclipse-pmc] API addition request

PDE is requesting approval for the addition of an API constant to an
interface in support of Bug 348077 (Increment version available for plug-in
The constant is for identifying the Eclipse bundles developed for 3.7. It
is only exposed as an API and not used elsewhere. There is no risk involved
in adding the constant to this interface which is marked @noimplement and

 The proposed addition look like this:

	 * Identifies bundles developed for Eclipse 3.7, value is <code>"3.7"
	 * @since 3.7
	public static final String VERSION_3_7 = ICoreConstants.TARGET37;

The Javadoc for the interface 'IBundleProjectDescription' is

 * Describes a project representing an OSGi bundle. Used to create or
 * artifacts associated with a bundle project. A bundle project description
can be
 * created for an {@link IProject} via {@link
 * @since 3.6
 * @noimplement This interface is not intended to be implemented by
 * @noextend This interface is not intended to be extended by clients.
public interface IBundleProjectDescription


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