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Re: [eclipse-pmc] Exception for JDT/Core patch by the Object Teams Project


Daniel Megert <daniel_megert@xxxxxxxxxx>
Sent by: eclipse-pmc-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx

01/28/2011 03:18 AM

Please respond to

Re: [eclipse-pmc] Exception for JDT/Core patch by the Object        Teams        Project

I can confirm this.

If Object Teams agrees to ship their code in a way that the patched JDT
Core plug-in isn't picked up unless their feature is explicitly installed
by the user. then I will approve this exception to ship something which is
in our namespace. Also, the plug-in and feature must be recognizable as
patched JDT Core version in the UI, either via bug 330338 or directly in
the names.


Stephan Herrmann <stephan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
27.01.2011 17:11
[eclipse-pmc] Exception for JDT/Core patch by the Object Teams  Project

Dear PMC,

As you certainly remember the JDT/Core patch provided by the
Object Teams Project caused quite some discussion some weeks ago.

Just now I spoke to Dani and the essence was that he no longer objects
to what we are doing. Some of the details we spoke about:

- accidental installation of the OT-version where the original was
 is effectively prevented by the approach from
 (patch bundle non-greedily requires the patch feature)

- visualization of patches:
 It would be good if the UI would signal when a user is about
 to install a patch. Currently two techniques are proposed
 (per patch feature, per explicit attribute in patch bundle).
 The Object Teams Project is fine with either solution.

- incremental touchpoint actions:
 would need solving for co-existence with other features also using
 Equinox adaptor hooks.

Given the Essential issue is solved, given Dani has expressed
his consent and given some (mild) progress on the Nice-to-have
bugs, I request an exception so that the Object Teams Project will
be allowed to release a bundle under the name org.eclipse.jdt.core,
marked by a version qualifier that includes the name "OTDT",
packaged and provisioned using a patch feature that is explicitly
marked as such.

The project is participating in the Indigo release train and plans to
request graduation soon.

Background and details of this patch are also documented in


PS: given that this mailing list is the recommended way of
interacting with the PMC, the need to subscribe to the list prior
to posting is - cumbersome. Also a hint about this could help
on both
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