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Re: [eclipse-pmc] Approval needed for moving org.eclipse.core.resources plug-in to Java 1.5

+1 from me. Although there is no single killer reason for this, every year there are one or two smaller issues that crop up that require us to roll our own implementation of something that would be available in Java 5 if we could use it. I think we're at the point where this accumulation of issues outweighs the risk that there may still exist someone wanting to use the resource model in more constrianted environments (and we're not aware of any such consumers still existing in 3.7 stream).

Szymon Brandys <Szymon.Brandys@xxxxxxxxxx>
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11/08/2010 12:38 PM

Please respond to

[eclipse-pmc] Approval needed for moving org.eclipse.core.resources        plug-in to Java 1.5

This is a request to approve moving core.resources to Java 1.5. The
benefits are:
- making use of i18n libraries that aren't available elsewhere (e.g., high
surrogate support) to fix bugs like
- modernizing our API and using generics, varargs, enums, etc, where
- moving to Java 5 data structures that we previous had to maintain copies
of: Queue, CopyOnWriteList, etc.

Corresponding bug:

Szymon Brandys

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