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Re: [eclipse-pmc] Re: Draft docuware for move review

It was discussed on our PMC call on June 30'th.
The relevant content is:

4.0 release and bundle/package naming
▪ Agreed that we will not migrate bundle/package namespaces at this time
▪ e4 API is not ready so the separation is helpful to divide it from the mature API
▪ It is not simply a package name issue, there are also class names containing "e4". Need to work through the process of merging the new API with the old, but this will take time


Inactive hide details for Wayne Beaton ---2010/07/07 02:03:38 AM---The documentation looks good to me.Wayne Beaton ---2010/07/07 02:03:38 AM---The documentation looks good to me.


Wayne Beaton <wayne@xxxxxxxxxxx>


John Arthorne/Ottawa/IBM@IBMCA


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2010/07/07 02:03 AM


[eclipse-pmc] Re: Draft docuware for move review

The documentation looks good to me.

Did the bundle renaming issue get resolved? I recall the discussion, but
no the resolution. Maybe a pointer to the discussion would help anybody
else who might have this question.



John Arthorne wrote:
> Attached is an initial draft of the slideware for a proposed move of
> bundles from Eclipse e4 to Eclipse Platform project. Please send any
> comments or corrections to the eclipse-pmc mailing list, and we will
> incorporate the changes in time for the move review.
> John

Wayne Beaton, The Eclipse Foundation

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