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[eclipse-pmc] Fwd: [e4-dev] Name of e4

Fwiw. Here is another community viewpoint. 

Btw, I will not be able to attend this week's call. 


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From: Madhu Samuel <madhusamuel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: May 4, 2010 2:01:29 AM EDT
To: e4-dev <e4-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [e4-dev] Name of e4
Reply-To: E4 Project developer mailing list <e4-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>


Any plans to rename e4? What will happen after the release of Eclipse 3.9? Will Eclipse 4.0 and e4 4.0 co-exist after 4 years?

The name confuses lot of people. Especially new comers. They ask, if eclipse 4.0 (confused with e4 1.0) releases on June, 2010, then why should eclipse 3.6 release along with it? Since e4 is 'Eclipse integrated with web technologies', can't we give a different but appropriate name? A name which signifies a 'new generation eclipse platform'.

Madhu Samuel

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