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[eclipse-pmc] Pending API deletions list

I haven't had a chance to bring this up in a recent PMC call, but I added a section to the platform porting guide for "upcoming" deletions according to our API deprecation policy. Please take a look at it in and let me know if you think of any needed changes (available in this week's I-builds). I added two entries partly as an exercise at writing what I think entries should look like as an example for others. We can discuss those two specific deletions at an upcoming call.

The next question is what the process should be for developers who want to add entries to this list. My opening proposal is that we should have quorum agreement on deletions within the PMC because it is quite a significant change (rather than +1 from any single PMC member). So, I suggest a process such as:

1) Developers send request to eclipse-pmc mailing list
2) We discuss and come to agreement on a PMC weekly call
3) Wider announcement of deletion (update deprecation comment, entry in porting guide, announce on wider mailing lists)

How does that sound? Should we also require a bug report to track the change?


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