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[eclipse-pmc] Request for API addition

PDE is requesting approval for the addition of an API constant in support 
of bug 308214 (allow individual bundles to included in a feature based 
launch). The new constant is a launch configuration attribute key.

The risk/impact of adding the new constant is extremely low. Feature based 
launch is new in 3.6 (since M6), and there are no clients outside of PDE 
using the new launch API that we know of. The proposed Javadoc for the new 
constant is:

         * Launch configuration attribute key. The value is a List 
specifying the additional plug-ins that 
         * will be included along with the features in the list {@link 
         * when launching (when {@link #USE_CUSTOM_FEATURES} is set to 
         * The values in the List are strings that contain the id and 
versions as follows:
         * <pre>
         * [plugin_id]:[version]
         * </pre>
         * @since 3.6
        String ADDITIONAL_PLUGINS = "additional_plugins"; //$NON-NLS-1$



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