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[eclipse-pmc] Embedding repository information with bundles


There has been discussion on bug 243582 (, on how to include 
source repository information with built bundles. The two popular 
proposals are to (1) include the information in the manifest of binary 
bundles, or (2) include the information in p2 metadata. Either way, the 
information needs to be generated at build time and published in the 
manifest or metadata (the bug describes a proposed way to generate the 
information via fetch factories using a .psf format).

>From a tooling point of view, I believe using the manifest would be more 
flexible, as metadata for target platforms is not always available 
(depending on how the target platform was created). PDE would like to 
proceed with implementation of this feature (using the manifest), but 
would like to collect your approval/disapproval/concerns first.


Darin Wright

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