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[eclipse-pmc] API deprecation policy

Hi all,
while reviewing the Architecture Bugzilla Backlog, I stumbled over the Deprecation Policy.
If I am not mistaken, we agreed on the current wording on but is still marked as "Draft" in its first sentence, shouldn't that be made official?
Looking at some of the comments on I thought it might be a good idea to somehow define a place for discussing "next steps" such that interested people can see / contribute in such next steps. For instance
  - a database / website for recording deprecations
  - discussions about formatting
  - other stuff briefly though about in bug 261544
In the simplest case, the deprecation policy could just reference bug 261544, we define that to be the master bug, and mark additional work items as dependent. Or, we create a new master bug to just host links into dependent ones.

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