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[eclipse-pmc] Request for API tooling tag change in platform UI for 3.5RC4

In 3.5, we introduce a new extension point, org.eclipse.ui.installationPages. The API used by clients to define a page is specified in org.eclipse.ui.about.InstallationPage. The pages appear in the "Installation Details" dialog that is launched from Help>About. The interface used for a page to communicate with its container is defined in
org.eclipse.ui.about.IInstallationPageContainer. The intention of the extension point is that clients implement InstallationPage. We did not specifically intend for clients to provide alternate implementations of the containing dialog using IInstallationPageContainer. Therefore, this interface should be marked @noimplement. The fact that it is not marked as such is an oversight.

Justification: This API is new in 3.5. By marking the interface @noimplement, we allow ourselves more flexibility to evolve this interface. There are already open bug reports for enhancements in this area.

Risks: Marking the interface @noimplement is a breaking change since API freeze. Clients who have already implemented IInstallationPageContainer since its introduction in 3.5 M6 would be affected. There are no known implementors of this interface. However, I am cc'ing the cross-project-issues mailing list to reach a wider audience.

Detailed information is in this bug:


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