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[eclipse-pmc] Re: [equinox-dev] Request to remove Constants#SERVICE_TYPE constant


Thomas Watson wrote:

Hello fellow Equinox team. In the past Equinox was under the Eclipse PMC and we needed to get PMC approval for post M6 API changes. Now that we are under RT Jeff and I decided that it would be best to keep the Equinox API change approvals localized to the Equinox dev list. Here is my first API change request for Galileo (hopefully will not need any more this release).

I am CC'ing the eclipse PMC for their awareness.


org.osgi.framework.Constants is an interface of constants for
the OSGi framework. This API is defined by the OSGi
Alliance. Several new constants have been added during
the coarse of the OSGi R4.2 specification process which is
being implemented in the Galileo release of Equinox. The
SERVICE_TYPE is a new constant that was introduce during
the R4.2 specification process. It has since been decided
that the constant is not needed and should be removed.

In Equinox we must align with the final OSGi API as
defined by the OSGi Alliance.


Low. These are new constants introduced by OSGi during the 3.5 cycle.
The constant is consumed by ECF (RFC 119 impl), but they are
willing to make the change as well. There are currently no other
known adopters.



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