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Re: [eclipse-pmc] PDE Build/UI Change for 3.4.1RC3

I would share Tom's concern that we have no decent regression tests for this new scenario.
Would 3.4.2 be a more better target, buying us time to challenge the new behavior and construct regression test suites ?

For urgent needs, we could always construct a patch feature as an early preview of a 3.4.2 fix.
We are in 3.4.1 rc3 stage, and having this request show up only now feels a bit wrong; typically I would have expected such a change to go in right after 3.4.0 so it could be exercized.

Jeff McAffer <jeff@xxxxxxxxx>
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09/09/2008 03:02 AM

Please respond to

Re: [eclipse-pmc] PDE Build/UI Change for 3.4.1RC3

Right.  The key really is the risk that the bits previously generated by PDE UI are different somehow than the bits newly generated by PDE build.  The Build code has been around and used for a long time but this is a new scenario.  Personally I would very much like to see this bug fixed and do believe it is an issue that it is a critical bug that real people will encounter. Using headless build as an alternative/workaround certainly works but it is really quite a barrier to adoption and use.

Having said that it is late in the cycle for 3.4.1 and we don't have much time to test on different platforms etc.  The best laid plans and all that...  If we are going to do this we need several people to look at this, test it and give their ok.


Chris Aniszczyk wrote:

In terms of tests, unfortunately it's all manual for exports, not automated.

In the end, this has to go in 3.4.X otherwise people who use p2 and export from the UI are broken. The workaround is to use a headless build. However, there has been a few bugs coming in already with issues in regarding to product export using UI so this is why I have urgency to put this in. This basically eliminates any difference between PDE UI and PDE Build when generating products.

~50 LOC are being removed in PDE UI that now delegate to PDE Build
1 LOC being changed in PDE Build to remove the PDE UI killswitch from using product-based export

On Mon, Sep 8, 2008 at 3:40 PM, Thomas Watson <tjwatson@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Maybe it is just me, but this sounds like a risky change for a point release. Especially after we have entered the RC stage of 3.4.1.

Chris, is this really low risk? How many tests do we have to ensure that no regressions will be introduced? Just curious, how many lines of code are being removed and are we sure the PDE-Build behavior gives us all the behavior we expect in this scenario?


Inactive hide details for "Chris Aniszczyk" ---09/08/2008 03:23:12 PM---(pde ui) product export from the ui does not generate b"Chris Aniszczyk" ---09/08/2008 03:23:12 PM---(pde ui) product export from the ui does not generate


"Chris Aniszczyk" <


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09/08/2008 03:23 PM


[eclipse-pmc] PDE Build/UI Change for 3.4.1RC3

(pde ui) product export from the ui does not generate

(pde build) product export from the ui does not generate

For a long time, PDE UI used its own code to export products. When p2 was added,
there was some differences between the way UI and Build generated certain artifacts
on export (mainly the config.ini). The lack of cohesion caused an issue in PDE UI to not
support certain product configurations that use p2. To solve the issues on export when you're
using the UI,we will delegate to PDE Build to generate this artifact.

-The fix is to delegate to PDE Build when building products.

-This is a low risk change.



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