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Re: [eclipse-pmc] Build on the plan


I like the idea of improving build for 3.5.  Obviously, we'll need to work on the specifics but in principle, this makes sense to me.

Jeff McAffer <jeff@xxxxxxxxx>
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08/14/2008 09:16 AM

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[eclipse-pmc] Build on the plan

In the 3.4 round build was a big problem.  PDE build and the releng
builder have evolved over time to handle many subtle and complicated
usecases.  While it is great that it handles these, the infrastructure
has evolved into an unmanageable, brittle and monolithic code mass.  
Fundamentally it is inhibiting teams from making progress quickly and it
is stressing the build and releng teams.  Further, as our consuming
community grows and diversifies and things like e4 and Equinox blossom,
the load on these teams and the technology will only grow.

I would like to open the planning discussion around build/releng,
getting it on the plan and finding contributors to make it happen.

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