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[eclipse-pmc] PMC bug fix request: for Bug 236324 ? [Forms] Eclipse 3.4 crashes / failes to repaint when "Close Others" is used with SharedHeaderFormEditor



This bug is a regression which was introduced early in Eclipse 3.4. It caused serious problems for the Mylyn project and was marked as a blocker because it caused a crash on Linux. While Mylyn has been able to work around this bug it could impact any user of SharedHeaderFormEditor. To create the symptoms it is necessary to have more than one editor open and then close them in a particular order, this could easily get missed in product testing but will show up in the real world. Because this is a regression which can affect existing code and because the consequences are severe we are requesting approval to fix this in Eclipse 3,4,


We have taken every possible step to minimize risk. A new JUnit test has been added . The patch has been reviewed by 4 different reviewers and we can see no way that this will cause regressions. We have also tested editors which use SharedHeaderFormEditor including the PDE editors and the Forms examples and found no problems there.



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