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[eclipse-pmc] PMC bug fix request: make preferences links work again when preferences dialog already open


Preference links from the doc pages don't switch preference pages any more 
the preferences dialog is already open. This makes it tedious to e.g. work
through the Tips & Tricks document and follow preference links, since you
always have to close the dialog first for the links to work.

This worked when preference links were introduced in 3.2, but was broken 
in 3.3.

Unfortunately, this bug was forgotten during 3.4, since we do
documentation work almost exclusively at the very end of each release 

Although we're already in RC4, I think this should be fixed, since
it gives new users who work through tutorials a bad initial impression.


Very low. This only affects the ShowPreferencePageHandler.
The code change is simple, removes the possibility for
ExecutionExceptions and opens the Preferences dialog in all cases.


----- Forwarded by Markus Keller/Zurich/IBM on 2008-06-03 11:34 -----

Paul Webster/Ottawa/IBM wrote on 2008-06-02 20:19:53:

> I have a low-risk fix for this specific case ... if you want to ask 
> for it on the pmc list, I'd be willing to put it in.
> PW

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