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[eclipse-pmc] propose new plug-in for p2 tooling in PDE

PDE would like to create a new plug-in as a home for PDE tooling specific 
to p2. The immediate need we have is a home for the p2 target provisioner 
which allows artifacts to be downloaded from a p2 repository and 
configured as part of the target platform (see 

We would like to create a new plug-in to avoid changing the requirements 
of existing PDE plug-ins (i.e. so we don't immediately have existing PDE 
plug-ins require p2). The new plug-in would require both PDE and p2. The 
new plug-in would not contain any API in the 3.4 release - just new 
features related to PDE/p2.

I will enter a bug report against the foundation to request the new 

Darin Wright

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