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Re: [eclipse-pmc] PMC approval needed for committer vote for Adam Archer

For the record, I queried this vote over the holidays as the context seems overly broad.  There is no indication what component Adam would have commit rights on.  Dejan has replied that it is the UA component of the Platform project but somehow the voting process broke down and all Eclipse committers were being consulted with imprecise information.  I don't see a particular problem with going ahead in this case but something should be done to ensure that future votes are conducted in a useful manner.


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12/25/2007 08:59 PM

Please respond to

[eclipse-pmc] PMC approval needed for committer vote for Adam Archer

eclipse PMC Members,
This automatically generated message marks the completion of voting for
Adam Archer's Committer status on the eclipse project. As a PMC member, you
can approve or disapprove this vote through your My Foundation portal page:

Adam Archer was nominated by Dejan Glozic as follows:
Adam has a track record of solid and high quality contributions to User
Assistance component overall, and UI Forms in particular, for over 7
months. He has fixed 45 bugs so far. I have looked over most of the fixes
and I think that Adam has earned the right to become an independent

Here is the complete list of Adam's contributions:
189791  cri  P3  Wind  agarcher@xxxxxxxxxx  VERI  FIXE  org.eclipse.tomcat
tolerance set wrong for org.apache.ant plug-in  
187610  maj  P2  Linu  agarcher@xxxxxxxxxx  VERI  FIXE  [Help] On Linux TOC
links to external sites fail  
188916  maj  P2  Wind  agarcher@xxxxxxxxxx  VERI  FIXE  Web Browser cannot
handle .xhtml files  
190633  maj  P2  Wind  agarcher@xxxxxxxxxx  RESO  FIXE  [Help]TVT33:TCT441:
IW: Help path in preference is RTL  
178557  maj  P2  Wind  agarcher@xxxxxxxxxx  RESO  FIXE  [Forms] MSAA
problems with FormText - Tabstop without Focus  
194483  maj  P3  Wind  agarcher@xxxxxxxxxx  RESO  FIXE  [Help] noexec flag
no longer works with standalone help & infocenter  
189192  maj  P3  Wind  agarcher@xxxxxxxxxx  RESO  FIXE  [Help] Named HTML
entities cause errors in help viewer if doctype is xhtml  
197838  maj  P3  Wind  agarcher@xxxxxxxxxx  RESO  FIXE  [Forms]
ExpandableComposite increases Browser client's size increase on a re-layout

188521  nor  P1  All  agarcher@xxxxxxxxxx  VERI  FIXE  [Webapp] Test F1: 2)
Standalone infocenter not accessible through browser  
178352  nor  P2  Wind  agarcher@xxxxxxxxxx  VERI  FIXE  [Webapp] Sync with
toc doesnt work with anchors  
144960  nor  P2  Wind  agarcher@xxxxxxxxxx  VERI  FIXE  [Help] Use of new
PLUGINS_ROOT macro in an href breaks synchronization with Table of Contents

191062  nor  P2  Wind  agarcher@xxxxxxxxxx  VERI  FIXE  [Help] Help -
Dynamically created Contents show in English regardless of -nl option  
120930  nor  P3  Wind  agarcher@xxxxxxxxxx  VERI  FIXE  [Help] Search shows
a link for "Next 0" items  
142818  nor  P3  Wind  agarcher@xxxxxxxxxx  VERI  FIXE  [Browser] No F1
help for Internal Web Browser view  
143811  nor  P3  All  agarcher@xxxxxxxxxx  VERI  FIXE  [Help] Invalid
command links should report an error  
148098  nor  P3  All  agarcher@xxxxxxxxxx  VERI  FIXE  [Help] Help
preference page wording is inconsistent  
148238  nor  P3  All  agarcher@xxxxxxxxxx  VERI  FIXE  [Help] Help
preference page has too many groups  
164939  nor  P3  Wind  agarcher@xxxxxxxxxx  RESO  FIXE  [Forms] Form-based
editor horizontal scroll pagesize too small  
120421  nor  P3  All  agarcher@xxxxxxxxxx  VERI  FIXE  [Help] Search
progress monitoring stays at 0%  
120915  nor  P3  Wind  agarcher@xxxxxxxxxx  VERI  FIXE  [Help] Clicking on
search result group shows XML document  
167914  nor  P3  All  agarcher@xxxxxxxxxx  VERI  FIXE  [Webapp] Search hits
in javadoc aren't highlighted  
167683  nor  P3  All  agarcher@xxxxxxxxxx  VERI  FIXE  Update Hello World
SWT cheat sheet  
168093  nor  P3  Wind  agarcher@xxxxxxxxxx  VERI  FIXE  [CheatSheet] Not
advancing to next step after performing action  
174663  nor  P3  Wind  agarcher@xxxxxxxxxx  VERI  FIXE  [CheatSheet] Update
SDK cheat sheets to add translation hints  
189923  nor  P3  Wind  agarcher@xxxxxxxxxx  VERI  FIXE  3.3M1 New and
Notewothy features undocumented  
190341  nor  P3  Wind  agarcher@xxxxxxxxxx  VERI  FIXE  [Help] Remote Help
is not documented  
190342  nor  P3  Wind  agarcher@xxxxxxxxxx  VERI  FIXE  [Help] Help
preference page reference doc is out of date  
114627  nor  P3  Wind  agarcher@xxxxxxxxxx  RESO  FIXE  [Help] Unable to
delete bookmark in help window  
194911  nor  P3  Wind  agarcher@xxxxxxxxxx  RESO  FIXE  [Help] Uncaught
exceptions - Permission denied to get property  
194490  nor  P3  All  agarcher@xxxxxxxxxx  RESO  FIXE  Create JUnit test
suite to validate links in tocs  
200674  nor  P3  Wind  agarcher@xxxxxxxxxx  RESO  FIXE  [Forms]
FormEditor.commitPages() throws ClassCastException  
200690  nor  P3  Wind  agarcher@xxxxxxxxxx  RESO  FIXE  [Forms] Investigate
resource sharing for section header gradients  
202382  nor  P3  Wind  agarcher@xxxxxxxxxx  RESO  FIXE  [Forms] Behaviour
of Section with fixed style changed between Eclipse 3.0 and 3.1 (and later)

203274  nor  P3  Wind  agarcher@xxxxxxxxxx  RESO  FIXE  [Forms] Border
calculation in FormToolkit.initializeBorderStyle looks wrong  
205864  nor  P3  All  agarcher@xxxxxxxxxx  RESO  FIXE  Populate the new
forms test plug-in  
156456  nor  P3  Linu  agarcher@xxxxxxxxxx  RESO  FIXE  [Forms] widgets
accept focus even though they can't do anything with it  
202474  nor  P3  Wind  agarcher@xxxxxxxxxx  RESO  FIXE  [Forms] Create a
resource manager to share the bold font  
205282  nor  P3  Wind  agarcher@xxxxxxxxxx  RESO  FIXE  [Forms]
BusyIndicator causes and swallows several exceptions  
210101  nor  P3  Wind  agarcher@xxxxxxxxxx  RESO  FIXE  [Forms] Large
images does not appear as the should in FormHeading  
211610  nor  P3  Wind  agarcher@xxxxxxxxxx  RESO  FIXE  [Forms] Adopt new
MPE key binding API  
200115  nor  P3  Wind  agarcher@xxxxxxxxxx  RESO  FIXE  [Forms] Selecting
links in FormText scrolls unnecessarily  
210753  nor  P3  All  agarcher@xxxxxxxxxx  RESO  FIXE  [Forms] Index out of
bounds from FormEditor#setActivePage(*)  
171276  min  P3  Wind  agarcher@xxxxxxxxxx  RESO  FIXE  [Forms] layout
issue with long scope set name  
173655  min  P3  Linu  agarcher@xxxxxxxxxx  RESO  FIXE  [Browser] web
browser preference page text does not flow  
41801  enh  P4  Wind  agarcher@xxxxxxxxxx  VERI  FIXE  [Help] like to
un-highlight search terms  

Vote summary: 7/0/0 with 80 pending
  ?  Martin Aeschlimann
 +1  Chris Aniszczyk
  ?  John Arthorne
  ?  David Audel
  ?  Dirk Baeumer
  ?  Kevin Barnes
  ?  Brian Bauman
  ?  Benno Baumgartner
  ?  Oleg Besedin
  ?  Boris Bokowski
  ?  Rafael Chaves
  ?  Christophe Cornu
  ?  Tod Creasey
 +1  Curtis D'Entremont
  ?  Maxime Daniel
  ?  Timothy Deboer
  ?  Jim Des Rivieres
  ?  Sonia Dimitrov
  ?  Nick Edgar
  ?  Tom Eicher
  ?  Jennifer Fogell
  ?  Frederic Fusier
  ?  Erich Gamma
  ?  Jess Garms
  ?  Grant Gayed
  ?  Bogdan Gheorghe
 +1  Dejan Glozic
 +1  Chris Goldthorpe
  ?  Olivier Gruber
  ?  Kevin Haaland
  ?  Ted Habeck
  ?  Kari Halsted
  ?  Tim Hanson
  ?  BJ Hargrave
  ?  Walter Harley
  ?  Felipe Heidrich
  ?  Gary Horen
  ?  Kim Horne
  ?  DJ Houghton
  ?  Veronika Irvine
  ?  Kent Johnson
  ?  Simon Kaegi
  ?  Gary Karasiuk
  ?  Markus Keller
  ?  Adam Kiezun
  ?  Peter Kriens
  ?  Artyom Kuanbekov
  ?  Jerome Lanneluc
 +1  Janek Lasocki-Biczysko
  ?  Jean-Michel Lemieux
  ?  Martin Lippert
  ?  Carolyn MacLeod
  ?  Kai-Uwe Maetzel
  ?  Christof Marti
  ?  Jeff McAffer
  ?  Susan McCourt
  ?  Karice McIntyre
  ?  Dani Megert
  ?  Wassim Melhem
  ?  Eric Moffatt
  ?  Kim Moir
  ?  Philippe Mulet
  ?  Andrew Niefer
  ?  Steve Northover
 +1  Mike Pawlowski
  ?  Rodrigo Peretti
  ?  Silenio Quarti
  ?  Suresh Raju
 +1  Pascal Rapicault
  ?  Michael Rennie
  ?  Jay Rosenthal
  ?  Thomas Schindl
  ?  Darin Swanson
  ?  Olivier Thomann
  ?  Pam Tobias
  ?  Branko Tripkovic
  ?  Michael Valenta
  ?  Mikhail Voronin
  ?  Thomas Watson
  ?  Matthew Webster
  ?  Paul Webster
  ?  Andre Weinand
  ?  Tobias Widmer
  ?  John Wiegand
  ?  Mike Wilson
  ?  Darin Wright
  ?  Theodora Yeung

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