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Re: [eclipse-pmc] Publishing 0.9 APIs for new components

> On a different note we have historically had the need to ship whole
> bundles that are in effect internal implementation details.  Tomcat
> and Xerces spring to mind as examples.  If for example we had a way
> to describe non-API *bundles* then we could mark all of p2 and API
> tools as not API.

You should mark all packages of such bundles as x-internal:=true or
as x-friends of those who are allowed to use them. So, think the
concept of non-API bundles would only complicate the story without
adding much value.

For the rest of the discussion, I have not seen arguments so far that
have not been discussed before, and that have lead to the
"Provisional API Guidelines" in the wiki.
Bottom line: Only really final API deserves a non-internal package name.


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