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Re: [eclipse-pmc] Publishing 0.9 API's for new components

Here is my initial position: Either something is API or it is not.  If it is API, then it is not subject to change.  If you are not sure, don't make it API.

Darin Wright/Ottawa/IBM@IBMCA
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11/28/2007 12:56 PM

Please respond to

[eclipse-pmc] Publishing 0.9 API's for new components


API tooling work is progressing in the PDE incubator ( We envision some form
of API tooling to ship with the 3.4 Eclipse release. API tooling itself
will have an API. As with any first release of a component we are hesitant
to commit to a public/stable API that will be supported for all versions
of API tooling to come. I believe there are other components that will
have similar issues in the 3.4 release (p2, for example). Is there some
style/guideline we can follow to publish these "0.9 APIs" that are subject
to change?


Darin Wright

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