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[eclipse-pmc] Invitation: Board Presentation on March 17, 2008

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The Board of Directors of the Eclipse Foundation has asked the EMO to begin inviting PMCs to provide updates to the Board at least annually. I would like to invite the Eclipse PMC to present to the Board at our face-to-face meeting on at EclipseCon on Monday, March 17, 2008. There is no need for travel, as we can arrange for a conference telephone. However, I am hoping that since it is at EclipseCon that at least some of you can join us in person.


Setting Expectations:


In addition to the report outline below, here is a little background on what the Board is looking for:


1.       The primary goal of this interaction should be to increase board awareness of what is happening in the projects today and tomorrow.  These updates should be a positive experience for the projects, an opportunity to inform that Board about the issues they are facing and what the Eclipse Foundation can do to help them be more successful.

2.       Expect that the call or presentation with the Board will be approximately 30 minutes in length.

3.       The PMC report to the Board should be a written report. Slides may be optionally provided, but are not required.

4.       PMCs will be given one calendar quarter notice of when their report shall be presented to the Board.

5.       Each PMC will be invited to report once per calendar year.

6.       The written report should be provided at least one full week prior to the board meeting.

7.       The report will be a public document available both via the public Board minutes and the project’s web content.

8.       PMCs manage top-level projects which are, in turn, comprised of projects. The PMC will have the discretion to report to the Board at the level of detail it believes most appropriate. E.g. some PMCs may wish to present themselves as a cohesive whole. Other may wish to provide reports on each of their sub-projects.

9.       The report will be presented to the Board by the PMC (co-)leader(s).

10.   When actually presenting to the Board:

a.       The PMC leaders will typically be on the phone, unless it is easy for them to be in person due to circumstances (e.g. the board meeting is at EclipseCon)

b.      Board members will have the opportunity to ask questions. They will be asked to please try to resist the temptation to ask technical questions J


Subsequent to the presentation to the Board, it would in my opinion be also extremely beneficial if these reports were also presented to the Membership in the next quarterly membership meeting/conference call. We can talk about that separately.

Report Outline:


1.       Review of project scope and charter, and a description of where within the defined scope work is actually taking place. The PMC should also provide some guidance as to whether the scope and charter documents should be revised. Things may have changed since the charter was approved by the Board.

2.       A high-level review of technical progress, strategy and release plans.

3.       Self-assessment of the performance of the project under the following headings (inspired by the Three Communities section of the Development Process):

·         Performance as an Eclipse open source project, with specific self assessments on the following:

                                                               i.      Openness

                                                             ii.      Transparency

                                                            iii.      Meritocracy

                                                           iv.      Diversity

                                                             v.      Compliance with the Purposes (e.g. are they successfully “…supplying frameworks and exemplary, extensible tools..”?)

·         End user community and adoption. E.g. are there lots of downloads, bugs, contributors, newsgroup postings, …? Note that I believe that while the absolute numbers are interesting, the more important data-point is the project’s assessment of how those numbers compare to their own expectations for the project.

·         Commercial community and adoption. E.g. is the technology from the project showing up in products.

4.       Compliance with the Roadmap

5.       Board Assistance: What are the areas where the Board could be helping the PMC be more effective? E.g. Explain the “top three” problems that the Board needs to solve for the Project in the next year? (e.g., IP backlog, improving diversity, whatever).

·         The Board will provide a written response to the issues raised.

6.       Noteworthy: What are the things about the project not covered above which the Board should know?




Mike Milinkovich

Executive Director

Eclipse Foundation, Inc.

Office: +1.613.224.9461 x228

Mobile: +1.613.220.3223




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