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Re: [eclipse-pmc] What to do with deferred plan items

I also feel that the plan keyword captures something we shouldn't lose
track of.
To be committed, a plan item needs a target milestone. So I think, deferred
plan items should simply be decommitted by removing their target.

Sidenote: There are quite a few bugs with '[plan item]' or '[plan]' prefix
in summary which are not carrying a 'plan' keyword.

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I would suggest leaving the keyword for now.  It may be useful information
when gathering inputs for the next plan.  In the past the plan keyword has
been removed from old bugs immediately prior to creating the new plan item
bugs when the new plan becomes available.

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I have a procedural question about deferred plan items. What should we do
with the bug reports? Presumably we would want to remove the target
milestone of 3.3, do we also want to remove the keyword "plan".
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