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RE: [eclipse-pmc] API Request: New IProblem constant

Error resilience is important for annotation processors running in the
IDE.  The JSR269 spec doesn't require it, because it doesn't address
behavior in the IDE; but our experience is that the more fault-tolerant
we can make the typesystem that is presented to the processors, the
better the user experience.  When code doesn't parse, the processors
tend to silently fail rather than being able to report semantic errors
on the legitimate part of the code as they are supposed to.

If there is a chance of getting this change in, perhaps for 3.3.1
instead of 3.4, it would be good, in my opinion.


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Discussing with Olivier, beyond the nice error message improvement
(which is rather cosmetics at this stage), it has nice characteristics
in term of error resilience which are improving some annotation
processing behavior (jsr269). Now, we still need confirmation that this
kind of resilience is indeed required, since by the spec, we don't have
to do so.

Therefore, I think we should defer such a change for 3.4, where
cosmetics can be a fair enough reason to motivate such a change (along
the lines of making JDT more resilient).


             Olivier Thomann


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                                       [eclipse-pmc] API Request: New

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In order to provide a better support for annotation declaration
declaration, we would like to request the addition of a new
org.eclipse.jdt.core.compiler.IProblem constant:

- This new constant would be used to be able to report the corresponding
error in the Parser instead of failing with a syntax error. Preventing
the syntax error would help the compiler to report additional errors on
the same unit and not report additional syntax issues.

- [1.5][compiler] Add more resilience on annotation type declaration
with type parameters

No known risks.


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