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[eclipse-pmc] Debug requesting PMC approval for context launch enhancement

Debug is requesting PMC approval for an enhancement to context launch:

        Bug 183509 (

When the selected resource/active editor is not launchable, the user should have the choice to launch the previous launch or launch the project containing the selected resource. Currently, they only have the option to launch the containing project when the selected resource is not launchable.

The net effect ist that when the user selects something that is launchable, it will be launched. When the user selects something that is not launchable, the previous launch is re-used. This makes contextual launch less of a departure from the previous Eclipse release (which always launched last).

The first time this situation occurs, the user will be prompted, which will set the corresponding launch preference (so they are not prompted in the future). The option can still be changed via the preference dialog.

Performance impact:

Darin Wright

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