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[eclipse-pmc] Requesting Approval for API


We have downstream consumers (JDT, WTP, etc) that would like an API
constant for the standard instance of the Common Navigator (the Project
Explorer). The patch adds a new type (ProjectExplorer in
org.eclipse.ui.navigator.resources) that exposes a single constant for the
view ID. No function is modified and there are no new method signatures or
function. The new type is declared final and may eventually subclass the
CommonNavigator class from org.eclipse.ui.navigator in a future release.

While I understand we are in API freeze, the fix is extremely simple and
saves our consumers having to duplicate this string in their own code. The
bad timing of the request is due to my scheduling constraints, as the
original request came in a few milestones ago.

The patch has been reviewed by Martin of JDT/UI and Boris of the
Platform/UI team.

[Bug 164111] [CommonNavigator] Need an API constant for the id of the
common navigator

Kind Regards,

Michael D. Elder
Rational Deployment Modeling Platform
(919) 543-8356 T/L:  441-8356
mdelder@xxxxxxxxxx  | |

"Developers are like artists; they produce their best work if they have the
freedom to do so, but they need good tools." -- Werner Vogels

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