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[eclipse-pmc] Team/CVS/Compare Feature work in M7

The Team component is seeking approval to address the following feature requests in M7. I know the list looks long but these are all failry easy to implement and have a high value to users. Work for the first three has already been completed and is just awaiting approval.

[Structure Compare] Show compare editor structure in Outline view
   - This is mentioned specifically on the "Improve Compare" plan item and the proposed implementation is fairly straight forward.
   - Summary: The structure of the content being compared is shown in a pane in the editor. Moving this to the Outline view will increase Compare editor real-estate.

[Viewers] Show line numbers in comparision
  - Patch in hand

[Actions] Add "Revert to Base" to CVS Team menu
  - Patch in hand but no time to address in M6

[Sync View] Add "Restore Removed Items" to Synchronize view
  - Summary: Items can be manually removed from the Syncronize view. However, there is no direct way to restore the items that have been removed.

[Viewers] Find  (Ctrl+F) should work in compare editor
  - Summary: Currently, there is no Find action in the compare editor.

[Edit] Compare editors should have 'Show In' in context menu
  - Summary: It would be helpful to have the Show In menu in the compare editor just as it appears in other text editors

Team context menu should be available on editors for repository files
  - Summary: It would be helpful to have the ability to perform some CVS operations (e.g. Show Annotate) from the context menu of an editor on a remote file.

[Edit] Provide option to use Text compare for any file
  - Summary: Compare picks a viewer type based on file extension or content type. In some cases, the user would like the option to view the comparison as a simple text comparison.

[Misc] Create working sets for each repository provider
  - Summary: Providing working sets that contain the projects for a particular repository provider type will help users who work with multiple repository types.


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