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[eclipse-pmc] API change to experimental API added to JFace in 3.3

I originally sent this to the wrong mailing list earlier this week. 
Re-sending to eclipse-pmc@xxxxxxxxxxx...


I would like to request a change to new API that was added to JFace 
(Wizard and WizardDialog) in 3.3 and is currently still tagged as 
experimental.  Boris made an enhancement to the original contribution that 
allows adding a page changing listener to wizard pages.  Boris' 
enhancements allowed use to provide 2 new API classes instead of 3, and 
removal of new methods (some API) that were added to the Wizard class. See 
bug 168888 for patch and test plugin.

A better solution to the original problem that doesn't require adding as 
many new APIs (one class and several methods) as the original 


Low.  The API is still marked as experimental and bug 16179 requested 
feedback before end of Jan and none was received so it would seem the 
usage of it is light.


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